Cable trays

CES offers you different cable trays profiles, including the P.S profile, safety product, allowing for greater distances between supports.
Several other types of cable trays profiles are available: straight, omega, C profile edge, etc.

Discover Flextole : the telescopic cable tray, which can be extended from 2 up to 4 meters in a few seconds.

  • Flex-tôle
  • Agraftol
  • Bendable connecting units
  • Cable trays PS
  • Cable trays D107 et D108
  • Covers C02 et C04
  • Splices
  • Separators and joints
  • Bend and take off
  • Covers and take off
  • Angle splice and plastisol tip
  • Telex - LIghting support
  • Perforated U channels
  • Profils perforés et pontets
  • Supports - Slide channels
  • Perforated plate
  • Perforated separators